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Ain's America Trip

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윤아인(Ain Yoon)

대구경동초등학교 5학년

      I came to California to study for 3 months. I went to school and met English friends.  I came here two years ago and they remembere me now.They are so nice and kind to each others. But they are little bit crazy and funny. We studied in two classrooms, one was Mrs.Villafana's and the other was Mrs.Blondi's. Both of the teachers were so kind and nice to students. Afterward,we went to field trip at weekends. We went to Disneyland, Universial studios, Hollywoood, and many other places.

Also, we went to CIMI camp. We went the camp with 5th graders and did snorkeling, squid disacting, and campfire. It was so fun except for squid disacting. It was so discusting for me because we need to pull out their eyes and ink. But it was very interesting. At the end of October, we had Halloween party. I was a police woman and Claire was a dark princess. When I went to Izzy's and Ella's party, it was so fantastic. There was a huanted-house in Ella's house and there was a lot of spooky stuff. But I loved them. And also at treak-or-treating, I got lover 100 sweets. I was so happy like I was in heaven. Another day, we saw movie, Happy-Death-Day.That movie was so fun and spooky but I liked it. Also, for study, talking with my friends and having tutoring helped me improve my English skills a lot. I learned a lot when I went to field trip or party. All of the people were Americans so I learned speeking a lot. It was so good to study here. I will miss my friends at the Foothill Christian School.

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